Sunday, 13 July 2014

How to create Calculated Fields in SharePoint

  Calculated columns we can automatically generating data, adding days to a date column to calculate an expired or due date column, Number or Currency columns to get a total…
In list, I want to create field “SP2013”, in 2013 I want to show year (yyyy). Now we are going to create calculated field for SP2013.  Navigate to list settings in any custom list, click on create column. Type your Column Name “Year” and select “Calculated” column and type  formula  “"SP"& (TEXT([Created],”yyyy”))” as shown in fig below.


"SP"& (TEXT([Created],”mmmm dd, yyyy”))                                                      October 17,2012

"SP"& (TEXT([Created],”yy”))                                                                                     SP13

"SP"& (TEXT([DateTimeField],”hh:mm:ss”))                                                           SP12:00:05

"SP"& (TEXT([Created],”dddd”))                                                                               SPWednesday

"SP"& (TEXT([Created],”mmmm”))                                                                              SPOctober

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