Sunday, 13 July 2014

Deploy the wsp in sharepoint using powershell method

Now i opened the SharePoint Powershell run this script.

Adding wsp to solution Management
Add-SPSolution "C:\Users\DotNetSharePoint\Desktop\WSPName.wsp"

once we run this command on powershell we can see the wsp file in Central Admin->System Settings->Manage Form Solutions.
we can see the deployed WSP.

Deploy the Wsp to Particular web application
Install-SPSolution –Identity WSPName –WebApplication http://Testssample/ –GACDeployment

Active the Feature 

Enable-SPFeature –Identity FeatureName –url http://testsample/sites/Home

Deactive the Feature

Disable-SPFeature –Identity FeatureName –url http://testsample/sites/Home

Uninstall the Feaure
Uninstall-SPFeature FeatureName 

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